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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You Be the Parent, Round 1*

Please post comments and help me decide what to do!

If you're reading this blog, or know me in real life, you know about my napping woes. Even though a napping miracle occured today (2 hour morning nap), he would not nap after 2:00 despite crying, car rides, and a long walk in the stroller. Because of this lack of napping, he became a total crank around 5:30ish (as usual) and fell asleep at 6:15ish until we woke him up and he screamed until we gave him a bath at 7:00. So what should I do?

A. Do nothing. Keep the baby's bedtime at 7:30 because he's sleeping well at night (7:30-7:00ish, wakes up once). He'll eventually grow out of this and start napping in the afternoon (maybe???)

B. Put him to bed earlier. He's tired anyway. (If so, what time?)

C. Let him nap around 6:00 and then put him to bed later. (Not an attractive option for me, because I look forward to my two hours of me time in the evening since I get NO time at all during the day).

D. Some other better suggestion.

Thanks for playing!

* I totally stole this idea from BrooklynGirl. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due. :) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I think you should let this poor child do whatever he wants to do. I know his grandmother would let him stay awake all day!

Kelli said...

LOL. Too bad his grandmother doesn't have to deal with him in the evening. Maybe he should start having more sleepovers at her house. :)

Missy said...

Well I think that you should keep doing what you are doing now. Eventually (hopefully) he will get used to the routine and take naps. Although I am biased since I want you to have some free time in the evening before you go to bed :) and of course I want him to sleep through the night for you!