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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

10 Things I Love About Ian

Just because I feel like I've been complaining about him a lot, I thought that I'd make a post about the things that bring me great joy. So I present to you, 10 Things I Love About Ian.

1. The way he plays with his hands when he eats.

2. The way he smiles at me when I get him out of his crib in the morning.

3. The way he sticks out his tounge when I stick out mine.

4. The way he looks just after he finishes a bottle with a tiny bit of milk smudged around his mouth and that "formula induced stupor" look about him.

5. The way he looks right before bathtime, all naked and smiley.

6. The way he curls up his legs.

7. The say he stretches when he wakes from a nap.

8. The way he's always looking for me.

9. The way he looks when he is sleeping.

10. The way he stares intently at the most inane things (the speaker, the curtains, etc) Posted by Picasa

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jennster said...

it's okay to complain .. you know how it is. welcome to MOTHERHOOD. lol