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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ian Update

Ian's developing quite a personality these days. He loves to mimic and in addition to the tounge trick, he also opens his mouth when you do. His grandmother can get him to make kissy faces, but I can't get him to do it. He's also starting using his eyebrows to make these funny faces. Sometimes he looks at you and I swear he is thinking, "What the f*ck!".

He's extremely interested in his hands and his feet. He has just started grabbing at things, but it's still kind of random.

He's slept though the night two night in a row and last night slept until 5:45 and went back to sleep until 8:30 (it was oh so very nice).

He seems to remeber things. He knows that the fish in his crib are supposed to swim and make music and he knows the star on his gym lights up. He looks at both of these objects as if he is willing them to do what they are supposed to do, and gets quite upset when they don't.

He loves to be outside. He can sit on the porch with me for a long time just staring at things. I'm getting quite good as Saduko (annoying number puzzle thing) because of this.

While he's still cranky at times, I find that he can be entertained, which is nice. He enjoys faces and songs.

Still no rolling over, and it doesn't look like it's happening any time soon.

I figure he weighs at least 14 pounds and is about 25 inches long now. Yikes. Posted by Picasa

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