This blog is about the young life of Ian as told by his mother.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


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A Beary Interesting Conversation

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Ian has taken a sudden interest in the camera. He knows that he should ham it up when the camera comes out. Silly boy.

Ian enjoyed Thanksgiving. He ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos and cranberry sauce. He had a lot of fun flipping a spoon off of the table and making his cousin Corey get it off the floor for him.

The rest of the weekend went ok. We're still waiting for teeth. He stayed with Aunt Melissa and Uncle John over the weekend for a few hours so that we could see the new James Bond movie. He also got to spend the whole day with Daddy when I went shopping with the crazy people on Black Friday.

Ian has a new word, "duck". He only seems to say it in the bathtub though. He's standing a lot, but no stepping yet. He likes to dance while standing. Oh well, tomorrow is back to work! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

As my favorite holiday of the year rolls around, I find that I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for Ian, who has changed my life in unconceivable ways.

I am thankful for my husband and my family who have supported me in so many ways.

I’m thankful that we have a great care giving situation. Since I can’t be home with Ian every day, I’m so happy that my mom and Denise are there and that they do such a great job.

I am thankful for my friend Melissa, who is still my friend despite how boring my life has now become.

I am thankful for stuffing, which I can’t wait to eat today. I am also thankful for the fact that it’s 8:00am and my child is still sleeping. J It’s gonna be a great day. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

8 Months

Dear Ian,
Today you are eight months old. Eight months seemed so far away when you were born. You'll never be eight months old, I thought, yet here you are. You really have developed a personality over the last few months. You have started to speak a little, you say mama, dada, kitty cat, kiss, and ok. You've also started giving hugs and kisses, which is so cool. You want to stand up a lot now, but you still hate your stomach, so we are pretty sure that there is no crawling for you.
You favorite foods are things that you can eat with your fingers. Waffles, watermelon, cantaloupe and macaroni and cheese have been big hits with you. We found out the other day that you still can’t eat bananas because they make your belly hurt. Your favorite people are your dad, your grandmom, and Aunt Denise. You have lots of friends because you visit my school a lot, and Aunt Denise always has lots of fun people at her house. As for toys, you love your Jumperoo that Justine lent us. You still like anything that you can get in your mouth and you’ve just started to discover banging.
You have been on a kick of going to bed really early. Your regular bedtime is now 6:30, but sometimes you’d like to go to bed at 5:30! You’re also working on getting some more teeth. We’re really excited about sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas with you! Keep being a cutie, ok?

Love you lots,

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would like the following:

Pajamas (size 12-18 months)
Bath Toys
Toys that help me stand up
Clothes (size 12-18 months)
A pony (my mom made me write that)


P.S. My mom wanted me to remind you that the size on my clothes should be 12-18 months, or 18 months. If the tag says 12 months, it means 9-12 months. (I weigh 21 lbs and I am 28.5 inches long if that helps)

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Santa's Elf

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Now I know Why Parents Give Their Kids French Fries

Before Friday, I couldn't really understand why anyone would give their child french fries willingly. Then I tried to eat lunch on the boardwalk with my son. It started innocently enough. Melissa and I had to partake in the boardwalk tradition of eating cheese fries for lunch. I put Ian in his high chair and began feeding him butternut squash and corn. All was not going well. The child was screaming, flailing, and generally ticked off. I took him out of the high chair and place said child on my lap. Still screaming and flailing. Ian starts grabbing at the fries. I caved and gave him a fry. He was quiet. I gave my not-quite-eight month old French fries. At least they were good French fries.

Some more news on the Ian front: Ian likes to assert his opinion. If he doesn’t like something, crying is the name of the game. Who needs to get their diaper changed? Apparently not Ian, because he screams like you’re killing him when you try to do so. Soap? Nope, that’s a deadly weapon as of tonight. Baby food? Forget it. Ian only wants waffles, cheerios, pancakes, and of course French fries.

Finally, to end this latest round of whining, Ian is cutting a tooth. The thing is, I really think it’s the eye tooth on the top right. So he might have one bottom tooth and a top eye tooth? That should look good for the pictures with Santa. Since there is much tooth cutting, there is much crankiness. It was like the old days of nothing but bouncing in the bouncy chair.

On a more positive note we took a really long walk with Ian today. He had a blast on the swing at the playground. He also thinks that violence is funny. Seriously. While swinging, he kicked me and he laughed his head off. Do girl babies think violence is funny? Posted by Picasa

Failed Christmas Card Pictures

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More Baby Feet

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Beach Baby

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Ick! No more kisses!

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I can hold my bottle... sorta

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The Real Nemo

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A Note From Ian

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