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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

8 Months

Dear Ian,
Today you are eight months old. Eight months seemed so far away when you were born. You'll never be eight months old, I thought, yet here you are. You really have developed a personality over the last few months. You have started to speak a little, you say mama, dada, kitty cat, kiss, and ok. You've also started giving hugs and kisses, which is so cool. You want to stand up a lot now, but you still hate your stomach, so we are pretty sure that there is no crawling for you.
You favorite foods are things that you can eat with your fingers. Waffles, watermelon, cantaloupe and macaroni and cheese have been big hits with you. We found out the other day that you still can’t eat bananas because they make your belly hurt. Your favorite people are your dad, your grandmom, and Aunt Denise. You have lots of friends because you visit my school a lot, and Aunt Denise always has lots of fun people at her house. As for toys, you love your Jumperoo that Justine lent us. You still like anything that you can get in your mouth and you’ve just started to discover banging.
You have been on a kick of going to bed really early. Your regular bedtime is now 6:30, but sometimes you’d like to go to bed at 5:30! You’re also working on getting some more teeth. We’re really excited about sharing Thanksgiving and Christmas with you! Keep being a cutie, ok?

Love you lots,

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