This blog is about the young life of Ian as told by his mother.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ian and Mom Mom

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I'm Not Dead, Really

I know you're mad.  I know.  I'm sorry.

I haven't picked up my camera in ages.  I haven't blogged in a while.  Christmas and life have been crazy.  You know how it is.

What's new with us you ask?  Well, Ian is doing really well.  His speech has taken off and now he likes to talk endlessly about everything.  It's really very cool.  He's getting into the computer and likes to play World of Warcraft with his father.  He can spout off a whole bunch of odd facts about trolls and gnomes and Malagos the dragon.  He also really likes the train table that he got for Christmas, although we still seem to live at Barnes and Noble.

We're getting ready for preschool, although the exact location is sort of up in the air. :)  

Let me give you a current list of favorites for Ian before I must go and do something for work:

Food:  Who knows.  I'm happy if he eats anything!
Movie: Wall-E (god how I hate Wall-E)
TV Show: Max and Ruby
Game: War (my mom is teaching him to play)
Activity: Play-Doh or Trains
Name for Things: Puppy (anything can be named Puppy)
Color: Green
Place to Go: Barnes and Noble or Red Robin

New Ian-isms: 
Are you happy? (Lie if you aren't)
I no like that.
Can we watch the house with the wreath, the other house with the wreath and the dinosaur song, the long one, not the short one.  (don't ask, it's You-Tube related)
Give me a choice. (In response to what do you want to eat, watch, do, etc.)
I want to cuddle.  (my favorite)