This blog is about the young life of Ian as told by his mother.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just Being Nostalgic

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Where's daddy's button and other amazing feats.

Ian is too smart. In the past few weeks he has developed an amazing vocabulary, both receptive and expressive. He says a bunch of stuff, most of it discriminately. For some reason he calls the rabbit gigi (and he LOVES to torture her). He also has this really high pitched voice that he uses to say hi that means he's really really happy to see you (or something, like this big annoying stuffed duck or nemo). His new word is button. He doesn't really say it, but he knows it. Today I asked him to "find daddy's button" (because of course if you know my husband he was wearing a polo shirt). He stopped what he was doing, looked at the shirt and found the button. Jinkies.

Other things Ian is into include peek-a-boo, standing up and sitting down and repeating 100 times, playing music (he must have background music at all times) and going from sitting to his belly and rolling over (he did this a lot today). He also likes playing "so big" and even stands on his tip-toes when we do it. He recognizes a lot of songs and dances when he hears one that he likes. He also really was enjoying the musical RENT today, but then I started thinking that he might be a little young for drugs, aids,and sex, so we moved on to E! News. But then I ran into the same problem of drugs, aids, and sex, so we turned the TV off.

Finally, I'll add that Ian is on an eating strike. He won't each much unless it is fruit. If it's fruit he'll shovel it away. Cheese also. Anything vaugley veggie or meat is relegated to the floor. Yeah toddler years.

I'm apologizing for any typos. I cut the tip of my finger today while making soup and it's making typing hard. But I love you all so much that I suffered through the pain to blog for you. So you'll have to suffer through my typos. :)
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Saturday, January 20, 2007


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A Good Book

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Mmmmm. Hippo.

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10 Months

Dear Ian,

On Monday, you were 10 months old. As I think about it, I realize that you are going to be one before I even know it. You are talking and say kitty cat, yeah, hi, mama, dada, ok, and a few other words. You can give high fives and play peek-a-boo. Still no crawling or walking, but you're starting to go from sitting to your belly and you're finally really good at rolling over. I often look at you and can't believe that you have gotten so big! You are finally getting some hair, but it's growing in sort of strangely with a stip down the middle of think hair, kind of like a mohawk, which is really funny. It's also a little ironic because when I first found out that you were a boy, I worried that one day you would want a mohawk, and you already have one!

You like to play with blocks, balls, and toys that make noise. You like to look at books. You love to watch the Wonder Pets on TV. You still love the computer and you like to type on the keyboard. A cell phone, keys, remote control, and laptop at all things that you wish you could have. You're eating a lot of different foods now. You love cheese and fruit, and you're not so into meat (especially chicken) and veggies. You go to bed at 6:30 and get up around 6:30, unless you're really excited for the day, and then you wake up at 5:00am. That is not too exciting for mommy. You love hanging out with Grandmom and Aunt Denise when we are at work. Aunt Denise has kitty cats that you try and grab. When you do learn to crawl, those kitties are going to be in a world of trouble!

I still sneak in your room every night to look at you. I miss you every day that I am at work. I can't imagine life without you. I love you.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fun Facts About Ian

1. He gives high fives.
2. He hates getting dressed.
3. His dream day includes getting to hold the remote (the real one, not the fake one we tried to give him) and the telephone all day long.
4. He loves to feed himself and sounds like a monkey when he eats.
5. He has a great vocabulary. New words include hi, good, yeah (way to go with the good gammar), nanananana (no) and yum.
6. According to Ian, anything can be a chew toy.
7. He has seven teeth (four top, three bottom).
8. He likes to look at pictures and enjoyed pulling everyone's Christmas card off of the wall.
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The Bear

This is a random toy that was given to us by a good friend. When I first saw the toy, I shrugged it off, and put it aside since Ian was only a few months old and the animals and music seemed to freak him out. One day, several weeks ago, the toy made an appearance in our guest room. This toy, has quickly become the favorite toy; one of the few toys that he will play with for more than 30 seconds. Sometimes he'll play with this toy for 20 minutes. Ian has one fixation with this toy. The bear. When you press the pink button a lively song plays and all the animals start to dance and play their instruments. The bear spins in a circle, or at least he tries to. When Ian is around, the bear is grabbed the head and held still, forced to click in misery. Thank you Mr. Bear for taking one for the team and entertaining Ian during those times when no other toy will do.
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King of the Toys

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Man in Training

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Buddah Baby

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The Park

On Saturday, it was 70 degrees here in NJ. We enjoyed a great day at the park. Daddy wore shorts and Ian even got to wear his crabby shirt (short-sleeved). In case you're wondering about the bruises on his head; don't call DYFUS. We took the bumpers out of the crib, and in return received one beat up baby (baby vs. crib rails, crib rails won). We put the bumpers back on until he grows some hair. :)
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