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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Bear

This is a random toy that was given to us by a good friend. When I first saw the toy, I shrugged it off, and put it aside since Ian was only a few months old and the animals and music seemed to freak him out. One day, several weeks ago, the toy made an appearance in our guest room. This toy, has quickly become the favorite toy; one of the few toys that he will play with for more than 30 seconds. Sometimes he'll play with this toy for 20 minutes. Ian has one fixation with this toy. The bear. When you press the pink button a lively song plays and all the animals start to dance and play their instruments. The bear spins in a circle, or at least he tries to. When Ian is around, the bear is grabbed the head and held still, forced to click in misery. Thank you Mr. Bear for taking one for the team and entertaining Ian during those times when no other toy will do.
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