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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where's daddy's button and other amazing feats.

Ian is too smart. In the past few weeks he has developed an amazing vocabulary, both receptive and expressive. He says a bunch of stuff, most of it discriminately. For some reason he calls the rabbit gigi (and he LOVES to torture her). He also has this really high pitched voice that he uses to say hi that means he's really really happy to see you (or something, like this big annoying stuffed duck or nemo). His new word is button. He doesn't really say it, but he knows it. Today I asked him to "find daddy's button" (because of course if you know my husband he was wearing a polo shirt). He stopped what he was doing, looked at the shirt and found the button. Jinkies.

Other things Ian is into include peek-a-boo, standing up and sitting down and repeating 100 times, playing music (he must have background music at all times) and going from sitting to his belly and rolling over (he did this a lot today). He also likes playing "so big" and even stands on his tip-toes when we do it. He recognizes a lot of songs and dances when he hears one that he likes. He also really was enjoying the musical RENT today, but then I started thinking that he might be a little young for drugs, aids,and sex, so we moved on to E! News. But then I ran into the same problem of drugs, aids, and sex, so we turned the TV off.

Finally, I'll add that Ian is on an eating strike. He won't each much unless it is fruit. If it's fruit he'll shovel it away. Cheese also. Anything vaugley veggie or meat is relegated to the floor. Yeah toddler years.

I'm apologizing for any typos. I cut the tip of my finger today while making soup and it's making typing hard. But I love you all so much that I suffered through the pain to blog for you. So you'll have to suffer through my typos. :)
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Jodie said...

Ian's so smart! How neat that he can find the button! I love his little jeans...what a handsome boy!

And hope your finger is better! And that you didn't lose the 'tip' in the soup. I'd never have that problem since 'making soup' to me, means using a can opener. LOL.