This blog is about the young life of Ian as told by his mother.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Woweee Wow

Some exciting Ian things:

1. Today, after his grandmother left, Ian looked at a picture of her, looked and me and said "bu-bu" (bye bye). He knew she went bye-bye and told me that. I was really floored and very proud.

2. Ian likes rice milk. There's a whole possible dairy thing going on, so we're drinking rice milk to see if that helps.

3. Ian's two favorite TV shows are Jack's Big Music Show and Yo Gabba Gabba.

4. Ian is walking. Have a mentioned that (my feeble mind can't remember) and he likes to take cans out of my cabinet and walk around the house with them. Now there's soup in my bedroom, and diced green chilies in my living room.

5. Ian is up to 6 signs; more, all done, open/book, milk, bath, and I want.

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