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Sunday, August 19, 2007

OMG. I feel like crap.

It all started with a cold on Thursday. One of those great mucous sneezey ordeals that make you feel like your head is spinning. Everyone knows that mother's aren't supposed to get sick, and I bravely marched forward and had lots of family time (my husband was off too, and it's the last time we're getting to do "family stuff" for a while). Of course in the process I've managed to infect BOTH my husband and my child :( and now the lovely "head cold" is slowly dripping into my chest leaving me all cough-y and phlegm-y. Yuck.

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Bern said...

BLEH! Well, I do hope you, Rob and Ian feel better soon. Summer colds are the worst, and having a whole family with it can't be fun at all...