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Friday, August 24, 2007

Are You My Mother?

When I was little, I made my mother read the book, There's a Monster at the End of This Book about a 1,000 times. My karmatic* punishment is that I must read Are You My Mother? at least the same number of times (if not more). Let me tell you, that book is LONG, and it is not a fine piece of literature. It consistes of sentences like, "Are you my mother? No. I'm a dog." Ian however, loves it. Even when I bury it on the bottom of the pile of books he shakes his head no to all the other books until we get to the familar green cover. Every night he laughs when the egg jumps, kisses the bird, and gets upset when the "Snort" has the baby bird (even though he knows how it's going to end). Even though I tired of this book, I love the fact that my 17 month old can sit through a 59 page book (ok, there's like 10 words on a page, but still). I love that he ASKS me to read to him. I even love that he's smart enough to know that the baby bird is in danger when the Snort has him. So Ian, I'll keep reading that book as long as you keep asking, because I'm your mother, and that my job (and my karmatic fate*)

*Don't you like how I make words up? :)
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