This blog is about the young life of Ian as told by his mother.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Things in the Life of Ian

Over the weekend, we had a friend, named David, staying with us. We had lots of fun, stayed up too late, went to Dave and Busters AND the beach and generally had a good time. We also watched The 40 Year Old Virgin, which turned out to be a really funny movie.

Ian is walking, mostly, which is very cool. :) He's also picking up a few more signs. He can sign more, I want, all done, and something similar to read book. He's getting some teeth in, so the hands have been in his mouth CONSTANTLY. He's also learned how to pick his nose, which is charming. :)

Today we had Ian's IFSP meeting (for Early Intervention). At the meeting, we decided that Ian is going to have occupational therapy, developmental intervention, and speech therapy once a week. We all agree that he's sort of borderline in regards to his delays, but that he's making nice progress with his therapies and we don't want to slow down that progress. We're still focusing on imitation, expressive language, sensory integration, and coping skills. He's done with physical therapy, which is awesome.

And that's the world of Ian.

PS: To anonymous - in my defense, Picasa was not working, and I actually had to go online to find a work around to get pictures up. :) That's dedication.

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Bern said...

Oh, sure Kel.. don't even mention MY trip up! Shesh.. ^_-

I admit, I read all the steps you're taking with Ian and I'm utterly overwhelmed. I had no idea there's all that sort of stuff out there, especially for a child of his age. Very interesting stuff. It's also really good to see a mother that really cares about their child and their development. In this day and age, as sad as this may sound, it seems that it's become more and more rare.