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Friday, August 24, 2007

B-B-B-B Bubbles!

A few weeks ago in OT, we started working on the B sound. The therapist tried to get him to say "B-B-B" for bubbles. We couldn't get him to do it. However, I kept modeling and modeling. Now he's saying "B-B-B" for bubbles and bye-bye!!!!! I'm very very happy about this. Also, in terms of communication, he's got several signs; more, all done, I want, bye, open/book, milk, and a new one, bath. We're working on dog, apple, bubbles, and bed. I'm so proud of the progress that he's made. I'm seeing so much transfer from his therapies. He is still having a lot of tantrums, but on the flip side, he's so much fun since he can communicate better with us. He's also gotten really lovey lately, and likes to sit on your lap, and give hugs and kisses! :) That's the best part.
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