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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Some Ian Related Notes

Ian doesn't take a bottle anymore, and he doesn't drink formula either. He drinks whole milk from a sippy.

Ian knows the word "lamp". He doesn't say it, but he knows what one looks like.

Today he did something very cool. He scooted about 3 feet, got onto his knees, and was very close to pulling up. This is a big deal for us, because if you don't hang out with me everyday, you probably don't know that Ian is going to start receiving early intervention services for gross motor delays. We've been working on the kneeling position and I was SO happy that he was able to get from sitting to kneeling on his own.

Ian likes fish. We went to Wal-Mart today* and we stopped by the fish. He got the biggest smile and made his little ahhhh noise. Too cute.

Speaking of fish. All was going well at our house this evening. The dishes were done, everyone was fed, most of the laundry was away, lunches were made and I had just put Ian to bed. I was getting ready to go downstairs and crack open the bag of schoolwork when I heard and ear-piercing wail. Now normally, we get this wail around 10:30 or 11:00 (I have no idea why), not right after he goes to sleep. So I went in his room and quickly saw what the problem was. The fish (Fisher Price Aquarium Crib Thingy) were playing music, but no lights and no fishies swimming. The batteries were dead. Ian was MAD. So I had to pull out the crib, get the batteries, etc. etc. Apparently that kid will be sleeping with the fish until he is 10. :)

* A side note about Wal-Mart: Today at the register there was a sign hanging: Cash or Credit only, no debt (I know I am not in the position to mock anyone's spelling, but it was too funny!)
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Anonymous said...

Maybe Ian needs a fish tank for his birthday.