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Monday, March 12, 2007


Tonight I went to Target to try to find this chair that I wanted to get Ian for his birthday. After locating the chair and paying, I walked out. In the parking lot, I saw a women, about 9 months pregnant, and I was just struck with a pang of envy. I remember being that pregnant at this time last year, but still having the freedom to sleep late, go whenever I wanted, and even pee in peace (and oh, how I was peeing!). So much as changed over the year, but I wish for just one day, I could go back to having that kind of freedom. I know that I would enjoy it in a way that I never could before Ian. Does this make me a bad mom? Do other people feel this way too?

On an unrelated note, we went to Mastori's for lunch on Sunday. Ian apparently loves cinnamon bread. He ate like half a loaf. He was shoveling it in so fast that they guy next to use asked if we ever fed him. :) We also discovered Table Toppers, which are these ingenious little sticky placemats that you can use in restuarants. I bought them at Target a few weeks ago (yes, I go to Target a lot) and they were great.
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siliroe said...

Any results on the CT scan? Hope it's good news... And how's the therapy going? We'll start next week.


Courtney Tucker said...

es, we all feel that way at times. It is easy to be envious of those without kids, but I also remember how it was to be envious of those with kids too.

Thanks for the tip on the placemats. I'll look for them.