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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Baby

Tomorrow, Ian will get a head CT. He's having the CT because of his huge noggin and developmental delays*. The CT will involve sedation. I am dreading the moment that I will have to hand over my baby for the procedure. We're going to CHOP, and they are the best, so I know that he will be in good hands, but they are not my hands.

* I haven't really blogged about the whole developmental delay issue. It's been a pretty emotional ride for us. At the reccomendation of my pediatrician, we had Ian evaluated by early intervention. I knew he was delayed in his gross motor skills, but when they told me that he qualified for services, I was surprised. It is a good thing, and he will be getting physical therapy once a week. He also scored extremely high in the cognitive and social interaction area (like 19 mos!). I'm already seeing progress in his motor skills from the work we have been doing. I worry that we're not doing the right thing, but in my heart I think we are.

Think of us tomorrow. I'll blog after to let you know what happened.
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siliroe said...

Kelli, hope the CT scan goes well. Just wanted to drop a line because my DS also went in for a CT and MRI for his large head. He's also in the midst of getting services from Early Intervention. He just started sitting up in the last month and he's almost ONE!

I'm also in Jersey and if you need any support or just a good ear, email me...