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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Head CT

I'll start off by saying that we are all alive.

It was a long day. It started with us getting very lost in Philadelphia, they seriously need better signs there. After stopping twice for directions, we finally arrived, 30 minutes late. Rob dropped us at the main entrance, and went off in search of parking. I dashed in to get him registered. Registration went fine, but no sign of Rob. Then we were brought back into the "Sedation Unit". Still no sign of Rob. Of course, I had NO cell phone reception and no calling card (because why would I need one, oh for THIS situation exactly). Rob finally catches up with us as the doctor is coming in to get our history. Then the real fun began. The doctor felt that Ian would do better with an IV, the nurses felt he would be ok with oral meds. The doctor said that sometimes the oral meds didn't work for older babies and that an IV would. So, we went with the IV, with reservations. We waited for at least an hour for them to come in at try the IV. They tried for 20 minutes to stick him, with him screaming the entire time. It was now about 2:15 (our appointment was at 12:00). Then they ask if we want the oral meds. So we say yes. They come in and give him the meds and say it's another 30 minutes before they work. Just as the 30 minutes are up and the nurse is coming in to give him more meds, he finally fell asleep. It got a little better after that. We got the CT, and we actually got to go with him, so there was no handing over of the baby, which was good. Then while he slept we finally ate something. He woke up about an hour later, ate and we were off. Got lost again, and finally got home, exhausted at 5:15. Ian chowed down on a huge pile of grapes and cheese and we sent him to bed.

We don't have the results yet, but know it's not anything life threatening because the told us we wouldn't leave the hospital if it was. So hopefully that's it. Even though everyone says that CHOP is the best, I was not extremely impressed. The nurses were very nice to us, but I was really disappointed in the way the whole sedation issue was handled. I'll post again when we have results.

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Anonymous said...

hI, i AM FROM THE mARCH 2006 BOARDS.I hope things go well for you. Take care. I know the waiting is stressful. Hang in there.