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Monday, February 19, 2007

He's too smart.

Today when we were in the Children's Place, there was a very nice lady at the register who said hello to Ian. She asked him to say hi back. Ian looked at her, shook his head no, and then laughed, as if he knew that he was being funny. He's totally got his dad's sense of humor.

If you'll recall from an earlier post, Ian has this obsession with smelling people's feet. We say "Ew! Stinky" and he laughs. Today, I going to put on his shoes and they were sitting next to him on the couch. He grabbed one, and smelled it. I guess he totally knew that the shoes were associated with the stinky feet.

I bought Ian one of those puzzles today with the chunky knobs. He really likes taking the pieces out of the puzzle. The pieces were made of wood, and you could see the grain clearly on the sides. It resembled the way a board book looks when it is closed. The poor kid spent 5 minutes trying to get the piece to open like a book. When that didn't work, he smelled it. One of the pieces was a cat, and he kept leaning over to kiss it, which was really really cute.

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Jodie said...

Ian is so so cute. I would have been cracking up in Children's Place...that's hilarious.

And he's so smart. The feet thing is hilarious. Landon does the same thing, sort of...only he sticks his feet in our face, wanting us to say they're stinky.