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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Things to do on Christmas Eve Eve

It's December 23, and I'm frantically trying to tie up the loose ends that are known as Christmas. We're having my husband's family over for breakfast tomorrow, and they don't know that we (I) are slobs so we've been cleaning and trying to get things in order. One of the tasks involves cleaning up the basement, where our Christmas tree now lives (for those in the know, we finally got ornaments up today!). This means wading through the piles and piles of papers on my desk. So far I've found:

* Addresses of five people that I didn't send cards too. If you get a card from me after Christmas, sorry.
* Stamps, which worked out well for the mailing of the late cards
* Renewal notice for Parenting Magazine. I threw that on top of the 11 Parenting Magazines and the four People Magazines that I need to find time to read.
* A few checks for one of my doctors that my insurance company insists on mailing me.
* Lots of expired coupons.
* Lots of crap that needs to be filed.
* An air freshener for my car. It was sent to me in the mail for my VW's birthday.
* Lots of Sharpie Markers (a secret addiction)

Maybe if I keep cleaning I'll find a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Posted by Picasa

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