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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Not That You Care....

Not that you care, but we went a bought a new sofa today. This is what we are getting, along with a matching love seat. We were wise and purchased the protection plan, since I have a feeling, Ian might be a little tough on couches. I will be replacing the pillows though, they are not my style at all.
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confused said...

I LOVE that couch/sofa/whatever you prefer to address it by...thanks for keeping me in your loop. Ian is still breathtaking. Luv the little people! Sari says "hello"! :o) Many holly jollies to you.

-Dominick said...

Red.. Ewww.. The couch you have right now is incredibly comfortable. I remember sleeping on it one night.. I slept 12 hours strait.. it felt better then my actual bed. And your going to get rid of that!?! :D

Kelli said...

Could you be anymore like your bother?????

:) K