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Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Little Holiday Fun

It was a busy weekend in the Kish household. There were parties and pictures and visits with Santa. There was also crying and whining and a trip to the doctors to check for an ear infection. Apparently, there is no ear infection, Ian just has a bad personality and a lot of teeth coming in. Our little trip to the doctors was not a total waste of time, because we learned that Ian weighs 22 lbs. Oh. That's why my back is killing me. The picture is of yours truely and Ian. The hat says I've Been a Good Boy. I'm going to take a second to shamelessly plug Old Navy for carrying baby clothes in size 12-18 months because I was able to find cute baby clothes and hats for Ian, including a jumper that says Baby's First Christmas.

I think I'm done with Ian's Christmas presents. Now on to the wrapping and card mailing and baking.

Today we found out that Ian LOVES cinnamon buns. I mean who doesn't. I've never seen him gobble anything so fast. Posted by Picasa

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Mom/Grandmom said...

Great picture, two of my favorite people in the world.