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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Motherly Guilt

My son has a cold. Not a terrible cold, but enough of a cold that he is cranky and very stuffy. This afternoon, after a very short nap, several snot suckers full of snot, and an impending late evening party, I asked me husband if he thought we should give him some benydral to help him breath (he was so congested). My husband said yes. To which I replied that I felt guilty because I knew it was going to make him go to sleep. My husband laughed and said something to the effect that I made him take it everynight (for his snoring, oh god, the snoring). I figured he had a point. If he hasn't died yet, I guess 1/3 tsp of benydral wasn't going to kill Ian either.

He's not dead. He slept and 1.5 hours, and got up around 5. We went to our party, where he stayed up and was mostly pleasant until 7:45pm, which is like 2:00am on Ian time. Posted by Picasa

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