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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Where are we going? To the pool!

We took Ian to the pool today. :) As predicted, he loved it. It was a little chilly though and by the time we were able to drag him out, he was shaking so hard! Then his day was further improved when Titi Missy brought out a HUGE bowl of fruit! Yum. He was so busy eating grapes that he actually left the hat on his head for about 1 minute. Ian really liked walking along the fence and swimming in his floaty thing.

Two interesting things to note:

1. Ian learned how to flush the toilet today, and he thinks it's really really fun. (Edited to add: Apparently he's been doing this for two weeks with my mom... I had no idea)
2. Ian actually has a TOOTH coming through in the back. I feel like he's been teething for MONTHS and MONTHS but he acutally has one coming through. Whew! We're not totally crazy!

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