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Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Would You Do?

Ian has been an early to bed kinda guy since he was born. It's no surprise, since I've never seen the end of Clue, made it through an entire episode of David Letterman, or been able to play pinochle past 10:00pm. At one point his bedtime had creeped all the way back to 6:30. As he got a little older it approached 7, and has stayed there for the last several months. For the last several nights, it has taken him over an hour to go to sleep. He lays in his crib and reads books or plays with the fish. He seems tired when we put him to sleep, and he's not laying up there crying. Usually at this point if I don't put him to sleep he's sort of crying/tantruming a lot, acting like he's tired. So should we keep putting him to bed at 7:00 or should we try to move it later, even though he seems tired?
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Melissa said...

Well speaking as someone who has no kids and probably shouldn't even give advice? i would say if he is quiet then maybe he just needs that time at night to calm down and get settled...and Hey if he can do it while by himself in his crib...all the better for mommy who can always use more time to herself.:)

My 2 Cents

Carolyn said...

Hi Kelli - I used to be at bbc, I check in on your blog now and then, hope that's okay! I love reading baby blogs! :) Anyways, Maddie has been doing the exact same thing for the past couple of months. Not really crying or screaming, but she'll be up for as long as 2 hours in her crib. 2 hours!! It's bothered me, but we've just left her in there to get to sleep on her own. Mostly because I'm selfish and really need that time without her at the end of the day! And just in the past week or so it's been getting better. The past couple of nights it's only taken about 20 minutes.

Maybe it's just yet another phase? Maybe it's just taking them a bit longer to wind down? I don't really know, but just wanted to say we're right there with you!

I really hope everything goes well with Ian's therapy.

Take care,