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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy 15 month birthday really belated

Dear Ian,
It occured to me the other day that I forgot to write you a birthday letter for this month. Life has been super crazy, but you probably know that already. You are growing up to be the smartest and cutest little boy. You're finally getting hair, and I'm acutally thinking that we might have to get it trimmed soon. You're also getting teeth! You have one and a half molars at the bottom. You're not really happy about the teeth. They are bothering you a lot :(. I hope they come in soon so you'll be feeling better.

Your favorite things to do are go on car rides, watch Moose and Zee songs on the computer, play with puzzles and read books. You make me read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and My Daddy Loves Me a lot. You love your Melissa and Doug puzzles and you're getting really good at them. You learned to drink from a straw. You love to play in the water from the sink. You say "ot" when you touch your food at dinner (it means hot). You've also started saying mama again. You learned how to pant like a dog and make a horse sound.

Being a toddler must be tough! It's hard for you to let us know what you need sometimes, so I know you get frustrated a lot. Just know that we love you and we'll keep working with you to figure it out. You're the best boy a mom could ever want. I love you SO much.

Love you always,
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herself75 said...

Happy 15 monther Ian!!