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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We'll Make Music Together... or something

We've been doing music class for about 8 weeks now, and it seriously gets harder every week. Now that he's more mobile, he wants to be all over the classroom. I'm torn between letting him explore, and teaching him the right way to act. Of course I don't expect him to sit still for 45 minutes, but it would be nice if he would at least sit/stand/crawl in the general vicinity of me! To make matters worse, everytime a new instrument comes out, there is the inevitable meltdown that follows when the toy must be taken away. So tonight we had bangy blocks, and instruments, so that equaled two tanrums. Then there was the other massive tantrum during the lullaby song. The instructor kindly asked if Ian was afraid of the dark. No, I replied, he's just mad because the lights are off (because he loves to stare at the lights). She seemed baffled by my remark. My husband attended tonight and as we walked out he said that I was crazy for voluntarily taking Ian to that class after working all day long. I love what I think he's getting from the class, an appreciation of music, learning to share, being with other kids and learning that sometimes, things can't always be his way. But now I'm wondering, is he getting any of this, or am I just wearing myself out?

Despite all this, I have fun singing the songs, plus it's a real workout dancing around with Ian, so I guess that has to count for something.
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