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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A slump

I haven't blogged lately, or posted many photos. I've been in this weird sort of slump. We all just got over being sick, Ian included, and that entire process leaves me exhausted. Ian had roseola, and had such a hard time with it, that it's hard to remember the baby that he was a week ago. He had a high fever all weekend, and then spent Monday and Tuesday basically camped out in his crib. Today he is more like himself, but still needed lots of extra love and care (including pacifiers, blankies and crib time).

He's making progress in his motor skills. He gets in and out of positions much better now. He can stand in the crib, sit from laying, and he finally learned to clap his hands. Many of the motor issues that we were concerned about have gotten better. He cruises like a champ, and pulls up very easily. He's not walking yet, but he's on his way.

I just wanted to blog, say we're alive, and thank everyone that's helped me out over the past month. I'm hoping we have some better weeks coming up for us, where I can take lots of pictures and have lots of fun with my bebe.
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