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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some things I learned today...

1. Do not overplan your child's day. Be a good mother. Write things down and actually consult the calendar before you make commitments.
2. Do not take your 14 month of child to Wendy's by yourself. It can only end in disaster.
3. 14 month olds are old enough to fall for the mass marketing ploys of big industry (translated: Ian screamed and cried for a kids meal toy after seeing the attractive display placed at toddler-eye level at Wendy's and then, after the 10 minutes of screaming, took the toy and threw it to the ground)
4. Do not waste your money on the healthy alternative of yogurt. It will not be eaten.
5. Target diapers are not as absorbant as regular diapers. If your child is wearing a Target diaper, pack extra clothes.
6. If you forget to pack extra clothes, your child will go to music class wearing a onsie and sneakers, looking all ghetto and trashy.
7. If you child is already having a bad day, music class will likely only make things worse. There are many landmines here, such as sharing, putting away the instruments, and the turning off of the lights during "lullaby time".
8. When you finally walk in the door at 7:30pm, and your husband is not home from work yet, crying, screaming, and/or drinking heavily can help erase the stresses of the day.

Just thought I would share.
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Tara said...

Okay, so here is my Wendy's visit. It was Wednesday. We go to church on Wednesday, so sometimes we eat before, and sometimes we eat after, just depends on how the day goes. On this particular Wednesday, we ate after. My dh worked late and was meeting us, but first he wanted to stop by the church, and try to catch one of the pastors. So, I thought, okay, I can do this. I get the kids out of the car and into Wendy's with no problems. Then I pick a table. I pick a table that is within sight of the line, and very close, because there is no way Joseph will wait in the line, not to mention the fact that I couldn't possible carry the tray, keep track of him and carry the baby. I put Joseph in a high chair, tell my 5 year old to sit in a chair, and put the baby's carrier on the floor next to the table. Thankfully there is no line, so ordering food and getting it to the table is no problem. So far so good. I call my dh, he's at the church, which is less than a mile away. I think ok he should be here 10 minutes max. 15 minutes go by, no dh, and my oldest says, "I need to go potty." I call dh again, he's says he'll be there soon. I say okay, but your daughter needs to go potty, and I'm here by myself. 15 MORE minutes go by. I am making my 5 year old wait, because I think dh will be here any minute, then I need to go potty. I think, ok, I am an adult, I can hold it until he gets here. I call my dh for the 3rd time, and he says I'm on my way, you're at this Wendy's right? I say, NO, I am at the one down the road from the church, by the Publix (a grocery store chain here). HE WAS GOING TO THE WRONG ONE!!! He finally got there, and my daughter and I made it to the bathroom in time, but I thought, I am never meeting you anywhere again. This is why I never take the 3 of them to the store or out to eat unless I have to in the first place!