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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random Baby Thoughts

You should never drop raw meat on your baby. (Don't ask how I know that)


My husband sings Ian the ABC's when he puts him to bed at night. Makes my heart go pitter patter


Ian and I went to the park today. We saw groundhogs, ducks, and kids. The most interesting thing for Ian was his feet. He did enjoy the baby swing though. I forgot (was to lazy to go downstairs) the camera, so no pictures, but we'll get some next time.


Today I ran a workshop, and it went pretty well. It's the first professional thing that I have done since I had Ian. It was bittersweet. I so enjoyed the conversation and the great ideas, but I missed Ian. I know that this is the beginning of my transition back to work. I'm not ready for these days to be over. I was also not ready for the judgement that people would feel free to give me about returning to work. Although it's possible it's not judgement, but I just perceive it that way because of my own guilt.


Longerber is the biggest rip-off on the face of the Earth.

I just realized that has nothing to do with babies, but it had to be said.

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Missy said...

Sorry Kel... I won't invite you next time :(