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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy 20 & 21 Month Birthday

Dear Ian,

I missed your 20 month birthday letter, and 21 months is coming up quick, so it's a combined letter this time. You get cuter every single day. You've been really into teasing and playing games in the last few weeks. Every morning, when I try to get you from your crib, you say, "out" and when I go to get you, you drop down into the crib so I can't reach you. When I go sit back down, you say, "out", etc. This carries on for a long time. You've also started speaking a lot more in the past month. You're favorites are kitty, uh-oh, mama, de-da-dee (daddy), key, gigi (grandmom), titi, and eat. You've also learned alot of animal sounds, including bird (teet-teet). You also know that Santa says "ho ho ho" and that Daddy snores (you pretend to be sleeping and snore).

You are very into your routines. You play with the vegetables on the bed, you have to have your two kitties, plastic frog, stack of books, stuffed nemo and two blankies to sleep in your crib, and have to turn the light on yourself before you go up the stairs.

Your favorite TV show is still Jack's Big Music Show. You love Laurie Berkner and you listen to her CD in the car. Your favorite foods are still grapes and apples. You also added bananas this month. You are pretty anti-carbohydrate, and you basically exist on fruit, yogurt and the random meat product that you deem worthy of consumption. Your favorite toys are your puzzles, books, your push wagon, legos, and your plastic fruit/veggies. You've finally made friends with Chloe (Aunt Denise's dog) and you tell her to "hush" when she barks. Other things you really like are the moon, Christmas lights, and your stuffed cats (big kitty and little kitty). You don't like the noise of the heater clicking on or the sound of the cell phone ringing.

I love you lots and lots, Stinky McStinkerson. :)

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