This blog is about the young life of Ian as told by his mother.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to wish I were Rip Van Winkle so I could sleep for 20 years (or however long he slept)?

I hate the start of the school year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

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I can't say enough about hippotherapy. In case you missed it, Ian is doing hippotherapy once a week. Hippotherapy is essentially riding a horse, although I'm sure that his therapist would disagree with my simple assessment. They work on all sorts of skills during the session, but basically Ian rides, once a week for 45 minutes. The kid is a freaking natural. It's so hard to describe, and he loves it. His face lights up when he's riding; he's like the poster child for hippotherapy. We've seen progress in all areas, but particularly fine and gross motor skills.

Ian's horse is named Miss Shawna. His therapist is Miss Robby and there are two helpers, Miss Shawn and Miss Carrie. He just got an official riding helmet last week.

I will bring the camera to take more picture next week, especially since we are going outside now that it's not so hot and I should be able to get some great shots in the outdoor light.

Ian Talks

I want Oreos chocolate please!
Dora Boots please!
Go bye-byes in mommies car bookstore please!
Daddy bath, mommy books.
No like mommy (or daddy).
Cover you up please!
Hi mommy. (at 6:45 am)
MOMMY PLEASE!!!!!!!!! (at 1:50am)
Different mac and cheese.
Gummi Bear (it's the new Kitty Cat Dance)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yes, We Are Alive...

I know you're wondering where the hell we've been. Essentially, it's chasing after Ian. We've had a fun summer and have gone on many outings. The problem is that it's much harder to photograph a running toddler than it is to photograph one who isn't walking. This is the reason for the lack of picture lately. Never fear. I have a few on my camera to upload and I hope to do some more this week. We don't have any OT on Tuesday or Thursday, so maybe we'll venture somewhere photo-graphical and take some shots.

Some recent highlights:
1. This summer we've been to the zoo, the aquarium, the beach, the boardwalk, the children's museum, the park, and Ikea. He did great at all of the above, except Ikea, but he's a man-in-training so who came blame him.
2. Ian LOVES cars and the train table thing at Barnes and Noble. He askes to go to the "bookstore" everyday.
3. Ian weights 31.9 lbs and is 36.5 inches tall. He wears a 4T top and a 3T bottom (although both are a little bit big).
4. Ian is big on TV. He likes Handy Manny, Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas, Max and Ruby and the Mickey Mouse Club.
5. Ian loves horseback riding and it has been SO wonderful for him. His strength and balance have improved so much in the last few weeks.
6. Ian's therapy is going very well and he's making a lot of progress. His speech has really improved in the last few weeks and he is doing very well with recalling details about his day and answering and asking questions. You can "almost" have a conversation with him, which is cool. It's very interesting to hear his thinking.
7. Ian can do a 24 peice jigsaw puzzle by himself.
8. We took the rail off of his crib, and he now has a "big boy bed"