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Friday, October 12, 2007

Where's my baby?

Ian has been doing so great lately. He's getting more words, and making up signs on his own (which can be confusing until we figure out what he means). His currenty favorite words are yucka and daddy, which he says as daaa-deee. He's really into opening and closing doors (especially in your face). We went to the doctor for his 18 month well visit, and he is 26.5 pounds and 33 inches long. We're eating dairy again (thank goodness). The only down side is that Ian had a cold at the begining of last week, and now it's all in his chest. He's been weezing and hacking like crazy, and we've been doing the nebulizer three times a day. He's been getting up at night a lot, which stinks because I've just started my new job, and I've been working a lot of hours. TGIF! Look for more pictures. We hope to do some fall things this weekend since the weather has finally cooled off. :)
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