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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy 19 Month Birthday!

Dear Ian,

You are 19 months old now, but you really think you're two and a half. You've gotten the defiance thing down pat in the last few weeks, and you love to shake your head "yes" when I tell you "no!". You just got over a bad wheezing cold thing, and had to use the nebulizer for about 10 days. We watched a lot of "tap tap" (Jack's Big Music Show). You have a serious binky addiction. You call it "dacuum" and ask for it by name, several times a day. You have to have blankie with your dacuum, and you're begining to look a little like Linus carrying it around all day long. You've really learned to groove this month, and you like a song with a good beat. You're currently enjoying Sublime, and you get the added benifit of learning that drugs are bad. You also love Laurie Berkner. She's on Jack's Big Music Show, and you like her songs a lot.

You still hate dogs, but you're coming around to Chloe (Aunt Denise's dog). You can be in the same room with her now, as long as she doesn't bark or look at you funny. You get very upset with loud noises and you really don't like phones ringing, or things beeping.

In terms of food, your favorites are yogurt, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, grapes, and applesauce. You refuse to each anything bread-like, and today you even spit out a chocolate glazed donut and called it "yucka".

You're really into your baths, and you like to take showers as well. You've also discovered that people have "skin" under their clothes and you like to pull up people's shirt to see their belly. You can put together a 26 peice puzzle (alphabet) and name the letter "oooo". You're starting to imitate the first sounds of words, and you can say "baaaa" like a sheep. You also say key, dot-dot-dot, kitty, mama, da-deee, yucka, bye-bye, and bubble. You sign more, all done, help, clean-up, I want, blankie, crib/bed, "tap tap", "Vinko the Dancing Bear", drink, eat, "Titi Missy", and open/read. You nod yes and no, and you learned to blow kisses. When we say, say I love you, you blow kisses, so I guess that could count as a sign too. You like to run around the house all day long taking things out of cabinets, emptying boxes, closing doors, and generally finding any trouble you can!

You're a big ball of cuteness and wonderfulness. I love you lots and lots. I miss you when I'm at work. Thanks for being you. I love you lots and lots. :)

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David said...

I think it's a beautiful thing that you're doing Kelli. You're pouring your love into making something that can last for your precious baby boy.

Keep at it Kelli, these blogs are wonderful :)