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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Macoroni and CHReese

Yes, you read that right, CHReese. We went to the allergist on Friday to try to find out why Ian's had disgusting diapers for 4 months now. The allergist thinks he may be allergic to milk, or soy, or both, or something else (yes, helpful). As is everything with Ian, he doesn't have the kind of allergy that shows up on a skin test, but has more of an intestinal allergy. So, we have to do a TOTAL elimination of dairy for 7-10 days, and if that doesn't help, soy is next. I am praying that we don't have to eliminate soy, because there is soy in everything. So, we went to Whole Foods to try and find some non-milk alternatives. We walked away with soy pudding, cereal bars, pop-tarts, waffles, and Macoroni and CHReese. It's dairy free mac and cheese. It's pretty funky, but Ian seems to like it, so I guess that makes it ok. I also found out that oddly enough, Dunkin Hines cake mix and some of their icing is dairy free, so I got to make the ubiquitous chocolate cupcakes for Labor Day. Of all the things that we've done and gone through with Ian, this was the one that literally almost set me over the edge. If you could have heard me on the phone with Missy on Saturday, you might have called the men in the white coats to take me away. I've since calmed down, but look for another freak-out fest if we have to remove soy. Stay tuned for the drama in 7-10 days. :)
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vanwolf said...

Keep your head up Kelli! You can do it! The hardest part is finding all the dairy free stuff in the first place then its easy. After all most kids only really like about 5 foods anyway. Gage really hated any mac n cheese subtitutes so your lucky! Katrina