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Friday, September 01, 2006

Reflux Sux

So the saga of the reflux continues. Yesterday was not a great day. My poor baby was very uncomfortable, crying, arching is back, not eating, etc. I did some Internet research and found a website called MARCI-Kids (Midwest Acid Reflux Children's Institute). One this site was some research that indicated that Ian was being seriously under dosed in terms of his Prevacid (and his Zantac as well). Upon doing more reading, I began to find out more information. The more I read, the more I knew that we had to go to see a Pediatric GI and get this under control. So today, after many phone calls, Ian got his Prevacid dosage increase and an appointment with a specialist on Thursday. Today was a much better day, we gave him the new dose of Prevacid and gave him three doses of Mylanta (1/3 tsp). He was a totally different baby. I'm hoping tomorrow brings good results as well. Posted by Picasa

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