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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ian's Pediatric GI Visit

Today we went to St. Christopher's to see the pediatric GI. The drive was uneventful, Ian slept the whole way there. The waiting gave me plenty of time to reflect on exactly how tired I was (1.5 hours of staring at the wall and walking with a cranky baby will do that too you). The Dr. was very nice. Young. She spent a good deal of time with us, which was good, considering the amount of time we waited. She basically felt that reflux was a "piece of the puzzle" in terms of his crankiness and irritability. She mentioned personality as one of the other pieces, but I quickly gave her a look, that was probably not the nicest look I have ever given someone. The end result of the visit is this:

1. Ian will continue to take 15 mg of prevacid 2 times a day.

2. He can take Malox, 4ml, up to 4 times a day, as needed.

3. Mylicon can be used to help with gas.

4. Decrease formula (to 24 oz) and increase solids.

5. Give smaller more frequent feedings of formula (4 oz 6 times a day)

6. Have an Upper GI to rule out any problems with the formation of the stomach, bowel, etc. This is not a test for reflux, but to make sure the "plumbing" is intact.

She does not feel that allergies are a part of the proverbial puzzle. She mentioned that he could have a scope & endoscopy to see how irritated his esophagus is, and check for allergies. She felt it would be overly aggressive to pursue that right now. I'm inclined to agree, since I am seeing some relief from the prevacid/mylanta combo. She also spoke of the lovely, "outgrowing" of the reflux.

I guess I was expecting a miracle. The visit was satisfactory in all ways, minus the waiting. We have a few new things to try, and hopefully we will see more improvement. Posted by Picasa

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