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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy 5 Month Birthday!

Dear Ian,

Today you are five months old. You are a big boy, weighing about 18lbs and 26ish inches long. You wear 6-9 month clothes and even some 12 month clothes. You eat solid food three times a day. So far your favorite foods are sweet potatoes and applesauce. You don't love your cereal, but you have to eat it because it gives you lots of iron. You really love your sippy cup.

When you get excited you start kicking your legs and waving your arms. Speaking of kicking you love to kick your mother! You have also started to recognize things; the bottle, the sippy cup, the spoon, the jar of food. We think you finally know your name, and you have also learned to shake your head "no".

Your favorite toys are still the same - the baby gym, the swing, the bouncey. You like to grab for things now, and everything goes right into your mouth. You often get mad when you can't get something in your mouth. You love to be sung too, and your favorite song is "5 Little Monkeys".

You still cry a lot, and I feel like I am failing you because I can't make it better. Know that I love you a lot and that I'll keep trying to make you happy.

You're working on sitting up. You don't roll over yet and you still hate to be on your belly.

I love you more and more everyday.

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