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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ian in August

Thought I would update you on how we're doing. We've had a good summer, with lots of beach going and pool swimming. Ian is taking swimming lessons and learning how to get around in the water. Ian still loves to play in the sand and run in the water. I'm really excited to go on vacation in September - 7 days of the beach in our backyard.

Ian is growing like a weed - I swear that child has grown several inches this summer. How, I'm not sure, since the boy lives on hot dogs and meatball soup. He talks non-stop, and uses words that some adults don't even use (not anyone who reads this blog, of course). He's big on transition words at the moment - last but not least, actually, apparently, etc. etc. etc.

I taught him a hand game from my youth, and he loves to sing it. Does anyone remember this:

I met my boyfriend at the candy store.
He bought me ice cream, he bought me cake.
He brought me home with a belly-ache.
Momma-Momma, I'm so sick!
Call the doctor, quick, quick, quick!
Doctor, doctor, will I die?
Count to five, and you'll be alive.
I said, 1-2-3-4-5. I'M ALIVE.


Anyway, onto the essential stats:

Food: Oreos
Movie: We are sort of off the movie kick!
TV Show: Max and Ruby
Game: World of Warcraft (my kid is a gamer-in-training)
Activity: Beach
Color: Green
Place to Go: McDonalds or Beach
Height/Weight: ??? 37.5 inches/37.5 lbs
Clothes: 5T shirt, 4T pants

New Ian-isms:

Is this a collection?
Are we in traffic?
Is that my Mrs. Pevs?
Mom-mom, wear a pin tomorrow.

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