This blog is about the young life of Ian as told by his mother.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Pictures from Ocean N Motion

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Living With a Two Year Old

So Ian is two. It's apparent by some of the things that happen in our house on a daily basis.
A few days ago, Ian asked for a banana, which was on the top of the microwave. When I picked it up, I realized that it was mushy and brown. No banana. That went over as you would imagine... complete meltdown. In the middle of the meltdown, he starts saying, "bye-bye" "by=bye". "We're not going anywhere," I say. He says, "Acme." The kid wanted to go to Acme and buy more bananas.
Since his birthday, Ian has been fairly obsessed with cake. He asks for it every night after dinner. We finally got some cake at Acme over the weekend (and bananas) and I gave him a piece after dinner. I asked him, "How is the cake?" "Happy," he replied. He still thinks it's his birthday, and it's Happy Birthday Cake, but whatever, it was cute. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Some Two Year Old Stats

We went to the doctor today for Ian's two year check up. He weighs 29.5 lbs, and is 34.5 inches long. Head size went down a little (yay!). The doctor said everything looked good, and was happy to hear that we were doing so well with early intervention. Ian didn't even cry when he got his Hep A shot!

Ian's Birthday Party

Ian's birthday went very well. He got lots of great gifts, are lots of cake, and had fun seeing his family. It was a tiring, but fun day, with lots of food left over. Thanks to everyone who came!

Happy Birthday Photos!

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Happy Birthday!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Wake me up! Before you go go!

Couldn't think of a good title, but when I wake up tomorrow, my baby will be 2. At 8:04 to be exact. Two years ago, at this time I was getting my epidural. Thank god for drugs. Everyone say a little prayer that the party goes well! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beware of the Ides of March

Ian will be 2 on Saturday! He's very excited about his birthday, and he knows that he's going to eat cake. I'm excited about seeing everyone in the family together, especially the babies. We're having a Nemo theme.

Lots of pictures to come!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


We had a very nice, warm day here today, so Ian and I went into the backyard after therapy this afternoon. There was nice light, the sun was almost setting, and I really like these pictures, especially the third one. I love my new lens outside, and I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can start getting some good outside shots again.

A couple of unrelated notes - I was recently appointed as the Supervisor of Reading and Language Arts K-8 in my school district. It's a great, albeit challenging, opportunity for me, and I'm loving it.

Ian will be two years old on March 15th. Where does the time fly?
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