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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Room With a View

This is the view from the deck of our beach house. Just a quick summary of our week and then some more pictures for you.

Day 1 - Move in. Blah. Ate some expensive pizza and drank wine on the deck.

Day 2 - Great beach day. Very warm and the water was great. After the beach we had dinner on the boardwalk.

Day 3- Went to the beach on the AM, made sure that Ian got a nap, and then took Ian to the park. We made some delicious tacos for dinner.

Day 4 - We went to the aquarium, which was small, but cute. Went to lunch at a great italian resuraunt and then came home. Ian had a nap while I got really engrossed in my new book; Change of Heart by Jodi Piccult. We had some excellent Chineese food for dinner.

Day 5 - A nice but chilly day. We took a walk on the boardwalk in the AM and in the afternoon we went to AC and had a blast (Rob stayed home with Ian and they went back to the boardwalk and went on some rides). We had a great dinner at The Continental, which does tapas. I did loose money, but it was fun. I also went to a store called It'Sugar, which rocked, and I got the best gummi bears ever from there. I also drooled over Coach bags that I could never afford, but if anyone really loves me, here is the one that I want.

Tomorrow we hope to have a beach day, and Friday looks to be chilly and fall like, so we may hit the zoo and the boardwalk as our last hurrah! Not really looking forward to rejoining reality.
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