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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

16 Months

Dear Ian,

You are 16 months old now! You're a funny little guy. You understand SO much about the world around you. You can point to different things when asked, you know who many people are, and you have four words now! You say mama, uh-oh, hot (your favorite), and eye (but only if you're poking someone in the eye at the time!). You also learned the sign for "more" and you use it a lot! Your favorite things to play with are puzzles, books, and blocks. You still love Moose and Zee. Another thing you love to do is play with the straps on your stroller.

You are quite devilish when you want to be. You love to crawl up the stairs or eat my keys. You have a noise that you make that lets me know that you're going to do something you're not supposed to do! You also like to flush the toilet and play in the garbage can!

Your favorite foods are still fruit; grapes, strawberries, and cherries. You also like your milk a lot. This month you discovered the joy that is chocolate cake. You love your chocolate cake and you fit right in to this family!

You got your two bottom molars this month and are working on some top teeth. You also learned how to wave "bye-bye". No walking yet, but we think you're just being stubborn!

Love you lots!
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