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Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy 22 Month Birthday!

Dear Ian,
You are 22 months old now, almost two years old! :) You are very funny. You are mimicing so many things that we say. Today, you were saying "Go Giants". Well, actually, you said "Go" but it was funny. Another new word that you learned is dizzy. You like to say it while you spin around in circles. You get very dizzy and then fall down. You still love Jack's Big Music Show, and we must listen to "E" in the car (Laurie Berkner). You particularly like the song "Clean It Up". You chant "up, up" in the car until I replay the song again and again.

You still love your grandmom (mom-mom), and Aunt Melissa (Titi). You also really like Aunt Denise "D", Doug, Brandon, and Chloe. You love to make animal noises, and you love playing with your stuffed animals. You put them on the bed, then on the floor, into the other room and back again. Sometimes they get to go for a ride in your wagon. You really like bears, frogs, and cats. You have about 10 stuffed animals that you sleep with. Other things you like to do are go on the computer to play games or watch videos on, read books, do puzzles, and make a mess. :)

You don't like bread, veggies, some noises, getting your diaper changed, and not getting your way. You're a silly head, and I love you.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008